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The church is a constantly growing structure of believers
who are united in the mission of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.
To do this effectively we reach out to those in our community who can support us financially.


Opening our doors to celebrate Mass every day 
costs us about $11 per parishioner.

Research suggests that the Parish
receives less than $5 per parishioner. 


Your regular donation allows us to keep spreading
the Good News of Christ.


There are many options when joining the planned giving program. You can make payments electronically, in cash using a planned giving kit or the parish office can speak to you about other options that suit your situation.


Planned giving is usually a direct debit that is taken as a percentage of your salary. The most common amount is 10% of your annual salary. However, if every parishioner gave just the price of a coffee every week, the difference would be huge.


A lot of people think The Church is a "rich" organisation, this is far from the truth. In fact, they have possibly the worst business plan of any organisation on earth. The Church aims to give away most of its money, spend the rest on community, and the end goal is to make the organisation redundant.


We are no different at St Gregory's, our parish gives to those in need, supports community projects, develops ministries, invests in future leaders and reaches out to those on the outskirts usually more than we can afford to do so. But this backward way of doing things isn't silly, it is exactly what Christ wanted for His Church, to give without counting the cost, to give not just our surplus, but everything we have.


It's for this reason we need our planned giving program, so that while the parish is investing in changing our world, we can still cover the basics, like water and gas bills, without having to worry.

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