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Baptism is the first of the seven sacraments. Its symbols of water and washing remind us of “birth.’ Through Baptism, God adopts us as his children, sharing his life with us by the gift of sanctifying grace so that we can live supernaturally, now and forever, in heaven with him. The share in God’s life that we receive in Baptism frees us from Original Sin and personal sin. It is with this great sacrament that we receive ’new life’ in Christ. 



Baptisms are held on Sundays in St Raphael’s Church
at 10.30am. When necessary, up to 3 baptisms may be celebrated together. To book a baptism, please call the parish office or via the button below.


Due to the high demand of baptisms, it is encouraged to book in as soon as possible as dates fill quickly.

Please use the GET IN TOUCH button below
to email the parish office.


If this is your first child you are baptising you will need to attend a Baptism Preparation Session.  Parents are encouraged to attend mass for about 3 weeks prior to the baptism prep session on a Thursday evening at 5.30pm.   


Preparation sessions are held on the 1st Thursday of each month, starting at 6pm. The are held in the Parish Centre next to St. Raphael’s Church at 47 Lowe Street in Queanbeyan. These preparation sessions are to form and inform parents about Baptism and the beauty of Christian life.

When you book your baptism, you will be required to complete the baptism request form. Please ensure that you return your form before the preparation session.
Your child does not have to attend the preparation session. 


The Code of Canon Law states that there be one Catholic Godfather and one Catholic Godmother, both over the age of 16.
In addition to this, they must be confirmed, have received
their First Holy Communion and must live a life of faith worthy of being a Godparent.

As godparents represent the Church, the community of faith, into which the child is being baptised, and will assist the child to grow in that community. For a Catholic baptism, only a Catholic can take on this responsibility.


Godparents who aren't Catholic are called "Christian Witnesses" and pledge their support to the child's spiritual growth, although they don't have to practice the Catholic faith. A Christian Witness must be validly baptised in another Christian Church.

It is not possible for an unbaptised person to act as godparent or witness. Christian Witnesses, as with Godparents, have to be over 16 years of age.  


As a part of the Baptismal Rite, a baptismal candle and white stole are required.

Baptismal Candle: This item represents "the light of Christ", given to the child at baptism. The white robe represents the new dignity that the baptised have received in the life of Christ.

You will be given a white stole.  PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR OWN CANDLE. 


The preferred method of payment for the suggested baptismal offering of $75 (per family) is via the on line payment option. Alternatively if you prefer to pay cash, please bring the money into the parish office before the date of baptism. Alternatively, you can use the online payment portal via the button below.

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