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Parish administration is the nerve centre of the Parish and it employs a dedicated team members willing to make dreams become a reality, we value people who believe everyone's able to help keep the kingdom pumping.



Our parish can only achieve what it does through the generosity of our parishioners. With you help we can further support those in our community and beyond who are less fortunate. For general donations or planned giving follow the link below


Do you need to make a payment for any sacramental services within our parish such as weddings or baptisms? You can make that payment online by following the link bellow


Are you attending an event or program through our parish and need to make a payment for that event? this can include youth conferences, dinners or immersion trips. You can do this easily through the link below.


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Tel: 6299 4611

47 Lowe Street Queanbeyan, NSW.

2620 - Australia


Lorraine Lasker

Lorraine is our parish secretary, she coordinates the general running of the parish and is the key contact for the parish office. 

Rita Pelle

Rita is our sacramental/community coordinator. She handles registration for any sacraments, and plays a key role in preparation for any sacrament. She also coordinates community groups within the parish, and connect new parishioners with groups that may be of interest.

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Fr Troy Bobbin

Fr Troy is our Parish Priest, he has been a priest for 22 years and has been the driving force in our parish for 7 years. Some other more personalised things here

Deacon Chris Van Gessel

Deacon Chris Van Gessel has been a part of the parish of St Gregory's for many years and has served the parish as deacon for that entire time. Chris is an energetic and lively part of the parish community, he assists in sacramental preparation (especially baptism), and often assist Fr Troy at the Sunday Morning mass.

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