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Saint Gregory's Queanbeyan is a Catholic Parish within the Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn. 

We seek to welcome all people into full participation within the life of the church, to develop our faith through the sacraments and to reach out into the community with the aim of uniting all in Jesus Christ


Our vision aligns with the vision of the entire Catholic Church, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ


Our vision is practically portrayed through many methods, all of which can be seen as either a form of worship or service 


Our community is a vibrant and humble community who are united through belief in Jesus Christ.


“Welcome to our place”, that is generally how I greet people at the front door of the church, in a similar way, I welcome you to our parish website which will hopefully deliver key information about our parish and its mission to help people find belonging and become a part of something that is great.

St Gregory’s we hope, has something for everyone, so as you browse through our site, you may see something that interests you.
We try to have activities for all ages, cultures, and levels of spirituality, such as our Little Sparks Children's Liturgy, Young Adults group, Youth and young family mass, multiple prayer groups & family groups as well as other initiatives.


Not only are we committed to belonging ourselves, but also to reach out to those who don't feel that sense of belonging.

To achieve this we have many pastoral groups who help each other within the parish community and within outreach initiatives.

We also have many liturgical ministries which allow people to participate in the life of the church, through service and development of our liturgies.


So, again I welcome you here at St Gregory’s, I welcome you to a community of families who are part of God’s kingdom.


Fr Troy Bobbin


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is in service to the parish, and a way in which the community can be involved in the running of the parish. The PPC guide the development of the parish vision and facilitate practical methods in which that vision can be achieved. 

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